The Passover Lamb

Jesus as The Passover Lamb.

 Yes, Jesus was The Lamb of God but even with The Jewish Passover Lamb to be slain once a year for the sins of The Nation of Israel, the throat of the small animal was simply cut and the lamb would bleed out. They didn’t have The Levitical Priesthood scourged, mock, beat unrecognizable and nail the poor animal to a cross.

 Just as God winged the child sacrificing Hebrew culture off of children onto lambs in the days of Abraham when he took Issac up on Mt. Moriah to be offered as a sacrifice. The crucifixion of Jesus at Golgotha on the altar of a Roman Cross being demanded by the jealous teachers of the law and executed with the help of wicked men (See Acts 2:23), all of this was prophesied by The Prophets (Specifically Daniel 9) to be the end to all sacrifice.

  Jesus was the lamb of God, Yes. The perfect one. The Lamb without blemish. The Son of God and Yes Jesus did have to die and descend and resurrect and ascend to Heaven to redeem keys and captives that were being held in Hades (Hell) but now that Christ has finished this work that he was sent to accomplish. Now that His mission is finished. 

 It is Finished!

There is no longer any need now for a system in place that requires sacrifice.

Jesus said it himself “God desires mercy (the saving of sinners) not sacrifice.”

 (See Matthew 9:13)

  ~ Hope this helps, Stay in Love, Pastor Scott


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