From The Passover To The Breakthrough

The Angel Gabriel appears to Daniel (See Daniel 9:20-27) during Israel’s Babylonian captivity and prophesied the coming of Jesus 490 years after the decree to rebuild the temple again in 457 B.C. He then tells Daniel to seal up the prophecy because its fulfillment was going to be a long time off. Gabriel appears again in scripture (See Luke 1:11-38) all those years later to announce to Zechariah the birth of John the Baptist and to Mary that she was going to conceive of The Holy Spirit and give birth to Jesus, The Son of God.

When Jesus, as an adult in 30 A.D. came riding in on a donkey into Jerusalem and the people began to throw down Palm branches and Shout Hosanna In The Highest (See Matthew 21:1–9), this was a public declaration of Jesus as their King and the realization of Him as The Christ that Gabriel had Prophesied to Daniel all those years earlier.

Sadly, it would only be a matter of days that their shouts of “Hosanna in The Highest” would be turned to “Crucify Him”.

Join hearts with us this week as we remember not only The Old Covenant Passover, God’s Protection over The Israelites in Egypt during his judgment against their pagan gods (See Exodus 12:12-13) but join with us as well as we remember The Last Supper and Jesus establishing His New Covenant of love, forgiveness, protection, mercy, grace, and help, being offered by His Spirit to ours…

To anyone who will open their hearts and say “Yes, to The Lord”,

Jesus Is Lord.

Stay in Love Church, Pastor Scott Boggs



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