My Declaration of Religious Independence and Freedom

I grew up hearing and being taught all of these similar things about “The NWO” and “The End of The World.”
Only when I was a kid it was The Pope who was going to be The Anti-Christ and it was The European Common Market that was The New Modern-Day Revised Roman Empire.
I am very aware of the NWO teachings and ideas that many have been given but as well since I have been a kid, I have also been really serious about learning The Bible and Christian History and so now, as a grown man, I can’t any longer subscribe to any of those kinds of false teachings.
With all due remaining love and respect for religious organizations who I still very well may share a common agreement on things concerning The Holy Spirit and the continuation of our supernatural gifts and enablements and much more… I just can’t share any longer in many of these same organizations present taught eschatologies or views concerning how all things are destined to end or be.
“Dooming Eschatologies” in my opinion is derived from a sad twisting of The Bible, a misaligning of The Truth and verses from The Inspired Scriptures being cherry-picked to teach people about “The End of Our World” or “The Coming New World Order” which are clearly verses that were indicative of what became “The End of That Age” that Jesus was speaking in and the evil oppression and martyrdom that was being experienced by The 1st Century followers of Christ from Rome during The Reign of Nero.
Unfortunately, a lot of eisegeses wrong interpretations of the scriptures (Like those of John Darby) that aren’t even 150 years old have been widely spread by the invention of the printing press in the 1800s and to me, it is no different or any less harmful than how fake news and even further nonsense about “The End of The World ” or “The NWO” is being peddled and spread around the internet today.
The real enemy has attributes described accurately and very clearly in The Bible.
The real enemy is The Author of Confusion, The Father of Lies and The Accuser of The Brethren and quite Honestly, that is who I see more often than not being represented in many of our more modern-day theologies.
Jesus is our King of Peace, Our Counselor, Our Comforter, Teacher, and Friend. He Gets a Hold of Our Hearts and Reconciles Us to God Our Father and Creator Who Loves Us and is The Giver of Our Life. The Holy Spirit Empowers us and Births in Us By The Spirit of Sonship Our Ability Now to Cry Out Father and We All Together from Every Tribe, Every Nation, and Every Tongue Become Brothers and Sisters, Mothers and Father’s all Inheriting A Kingdom that Can Not Be Shaken that God Has Prepared in Advance for Each and Every One of Us Who Will Humbly Receive Jesus Christ As Their Lord and King.
Thus, The Good News Message restored.
The Forgiveness of Sin, The restoration of what the enemy has come to destroy, and The Great Reconciliation of God unto His Beloved Creation and Family.
The skewing of these truths and the false teachings that twist the scriptures and say today that Jesus is returning to destroy The Whole Earth and to Rapture His Church are a misunderstanding of “The Coming of The Lord” that came on The City of Jerusalem and The Temple in 70 A.D. and The 1st Century Churches trek out of Jerusalem up into the mountains where they were spared that great destruction.
Today what remains, are The Teachings, Love and Spirit of Christ, carried on by The Apostles, being Prophesied by The Prophets, Evangelized by The Evangelists as Pastors continue to care for people and Teachers continue to Teach The True Good News Message of God’s Love, Christ’s Forgiveness and The Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done and The Continued Manifestation of Heaven Here on Earth.
As Ambassadors of The Kingdom of Heaven with Our Christian Citizenship already registered there, we are called and empowered by The Holy Spirit to continue our advancement of The Kingdom and to Teach The Words, The Spirit and The Love and Principles of Jesus until The Whole Earth is Filled With The Knowing of and The Glory and The Goodness of Our God.
And this is not the end, rather as we teach these truths to our children and they Teach Peace and share The Love of Christ with their children’s children… We are only just getting started again with what was The Christus Victor understanding of the 1st 1100 years of Christianity.
It is Finished, It is Done!
We now just need to keep enforcing our already promised and guaranteed Supernatural Victory.
And It is Love Church, God’s Love That Never Fails.
~ Stay in Love, Pastor Scott Boggs

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