Addiction, Pride and Indulgence

“For the Kingdom of God is not a matter of what we eat or drink, but of living a life of goodness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.” ~ Romans 14:12

Concerning eating and drinking, let me remind us all that The Kingdom of God is not about eating and drinking and when some try to make this an issue, I believe its a topic that often divides people who are all still in the same family of God.

People obviously should not be drunks (That’s a given) but to ostracize others or to lord our own abstinence over others as if they aren’t as loved or filled is arrogant at best.

The greatest command I believe Christ ever gave to the disciples which was to love others the way he had loved them (see John 15) was at The Last Supper over a glass of wine.

I find the puffing up of one’s self over their adherence to what is often a man-made list of religious do’s and don’ts (often over issues of eating and drinking) does nothing but to promote personal pride and further the wounding and alienation of those who walk in what might be a bit more humble freedom.

My advice to a self confessing alcoholic would obviously be to not drink. To the more self-disciplined, I would say eat, drink and be merry when an occasion calls for it and to the one who believes that their abstinence makes them better and more loved by God than the next one who indulges…

I would suggest humbling yourself.

Pride fills some as much as alcohol fills others.

So with all of that said…

If you do drink, please do so responsibly and don’t feel ashamed to bring Jesus up in the conversation as you do, may all of our fellowship (whether indulging or not) be anointed and sweet wherever we may be and may we all be safely filled this year experiencing in greater measure than ever God’s Righteousness, Joy and Peace in The Holy Spirit.

Let’s believe together for this to be a good and safe year of Great Kingdom Advancement for us all and on all fronts in every area of our lives and families, physically, emotionally, spiritually and locally in our own God-given communities.

When I turn my heart to The Lord seeking His direction for The New Year 2020.

What I hear is to “Let This Be A Year of Kingdom Truth, Love and Advancement.”

Stay in Love, Pastor Scott


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