Freedom From Addiction

In the same way, deacons are to be worthy of respect, sincere, not indulging in much wine, and not pursuing dishonest gain. They must hold to the mystery of the faith with a clear conscience. ~ 1st Timothy 3:8

My Message today deals with the very touchy subject of substance abuse and alcoholism. Clearly, I feel the need to make it known that I do not encourage or advise anyone who identifies with being a recovering alcoholic or drug addict to drink or use substances.

With that said though, I do acknowledge that there are people who medicinally and or recreationally use certain substances and or drink alcohol in moderation in a manner that would not be considered unhealthy or abusive.

From my own experience and transparency, I made a Coffee with Pastor Scott Youtube video today that talks openly and honestly about this very prevalent issue of indulgences and addiction in our world and the recreational use of substances that to some is considered a blessing from God and to others a curse on sinners.

Let me start by saying, the easy answer for many “Church Houses” to be simply “It’s all sin, and you mustn’t indulge in any of it”, does not honestly hold weight with me in light of all the inspired scriptures together and I’m sorry but that shallow of a black and white answer to be imposed on all, I believe can wrongly be used by some to elevate themselves and sadly alienate and disqualify others who very well may be good, healthy moderate people who do not deserve the ostracization and labeling of “Sinner.”

Keep in mind, great minds like Jesus himself who was known to sit down and indulge with friends and colleagues.

Let me also add, that the term “Drunkard” is not the same as a person who moderately drinks or who may even have over indulged from time to time with family and friends at a wedding or a feast… As the people of today and of Christ’s own day did and still do.

Drunkards or Drunks (God Love You and Jesus help you) are those who have fallen prey to making that drink an idol in their life and have succumbed to any means to get more and more of it on a daily basis, even if that means lying, cheating, stealing and even neglecting their first most responsibility to Love God, love others and to love and take care of oneself in this life.

To be a bound alcoholic or addict of any sort is a hard prison of the mind, soul and body that is really no laughing matter that sadly ends up being the death and hurt of many families and people.

To hear a bit more about my own testimony and stance on this relevant topic…

Please feel free to listen to my newest “Coffee with Pastor Scott” and let me know what you think?

God Bless You and as always in all things remember to Stay in Love.

~ Pastor Scott

My Latest Coffee With Pastor Scott at this link below.


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