A Place of Our Own

~ I do not embrace Dooming End Time Eschatology, I believe there is a bright future for The Kingdom of Heaven Here on Earth for my children’s children’s children and I am working toward those ends in mind.

~ I do not subscribe to Eternal Conscious Torment, I don’t believe that burning forever is a punishment that would have even entered the thoughts or heart of God our creator and I am presently leaning more toward perishing or annihilationism of entities who have knowingly and willingly been deceiving and hurting God’s people.

~ I do not embrace Dualism and that we will always be in a battle within ourselves but rather a conviction that brings real transformation and change in one’s life and heart and I believe in people being forgiven and becoming whole and complete in Christ, free of religious and man-made guilt that God never intended any of us to walk around with.

~ I do not believe in Penal Substitution and the need for God to have taken out any of His own wrath on Jesus in our deserving place. Rather, I believe in The Atoning Sacrifice of Jesus Christ who willingly gave his life for us to be nailed to a cross by angry, demon driven men who had rejected him as The Messiah, so as to descend and preach the same good news message of The Father’s Love for His Creation to the dead in hades that he had been sharing with those alive on earth.

~ As much as I would love to have a place we could call our own to worship and teach the message of Christ in, I do recognize that these stances do and always will cause many to hesitate in any partnering or affiliation with our religious organization (a legal term that only denotes our own unique functioning in The Kingdom).

~ For Christ to build His Church on foundational teachings like these that I believe more adequately reveal The Father’s Heart for us all, we would either need someone to give us a place or a good 10-15 willing and able people to commit (within their means) to a certain amount of time and/or finances being given weekly, monthly or annually to secure a place where we could plug in weekly, execute an Awesome Worship Experience and share The Good News Message of Christ.

In His Love, Pastor Scott Boggs




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