How Are You, Right Now?

Most the time someone is upset, worried or complaining to me about something, it is in regards to something that is not presently happening to them.

Example, something someone did yesterday or earlier that week or they are all caught up and worried about the future outcome of something.

It’s natural, I know but when we do this it really does take away from our energy and focus to deal with the now and the issues we may need to be facing and dealing with today.

By complaining (about yesterday) and worrying (about tommorrow) we are completely taken out of the gift that is often the calm present now.

The preoccupation in ones mind that can cause us to keep going over and over something that has already happened or to worry over and over about what will happen, can be stifling to say the least.

Right now, in this very moment (forgiving all past trespasses you have sufferred and not worrying about anything that may or may not come tommorow) ask yourself this question.

Is everything okay, right now, in this moment?

I believe a greater peace of mind comes with being present.

Jesus said “So don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today’s trouble is enough for today.” ~ Matthew 6:34


In His Love, Pastor Scott Boggs


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