Peace on Earth

“The LORD will mediate between peoples and will settle disputes between strong nations far away. They will hammer their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks. Nation will no longer fight against nation, nor train for war anymore. Everyone will live in peace and prosperity, enjoying their own grapevines and fig trees, for there will be nothing to fear. The LORD of Heaven’s Armies has made this promise!” ~ Micah 4:3-4

I am the grandson of Clarence Parsons, a man who stood over six feet tall and was chosen to carry a bazooka on the frontlines in WW2. He was a bible raised God fearing man who went across the seas to fight tyranny and evil in it’s most obvious form.

My Grandpa who loved the Lord and was known around town before the war as “A Gentle Giant” ended up facing The Germans on the front line of what has been known as one of the worst battle fields ever known to man.

                     He stood the front line with a bazooka in WW2’s Battle of The Bulge.

After laying in a field having to hold his breath and pretend he was dead while German soldiers plunged thier bayonets into lifeless and barely hanging on young Americans to assure thier final death, he returned home a different man than the one who was drafted into the war.

My Grandfather tried to reintegrate himself back into normal civilian life back home here in the states, mainly for the sake of his bride who awaited his heroic return from the war but the home life of Aida (my grandma) and his two young children Martha and Timmy (my mom and uncle) proved to be too much for his often shattered emotional wellbeing.

        The first chapter of my soon to be published book will delve a little deeper here.

My Grandpa chained smoked and suffreded flashbacks from the war that ended him in and out of the veterens hospital for all of my mom and uncles young life and his brokeness left thier mom and my aunt Izetta (My granpa’s sister) to be thier financially struggling sole providers.

The poverty and issues that came with this one man’s broken war story and the aftermath that followed two generations to come have undoubtedly attributed to my own personal disdain for war on all fronts.

I come from a family of the enlisted. My dad was in the airforce. My uncle on his side the army. I have family who have served and family who are still enlisted in the armed forces. I am not one who would ever disrespect or try to dishonor the noble intentions and selfless bravery of one who would be willing to die for their country in the pursuit to defend and protect their own.

Christ himself has done and exampled a love that is none the less.

What has torn at my heart and shook my internal convictions is the deaths of many young men, women and children who have lost thier innocent lives like pawns on a chessboard of wealthier invested elites, who have been banking on the profits of  perpetual propogated war to soar thier own dividends and generational wealth (for thier own) at the cost of many more expendable less fortunates dying in battles that are not really being fought for what they said they were being fought for.

I’m sorry but if our real and only pure motives to interven in the wars we are presently involved in have been to free and liberate people?

Then tell me why we would leave a mass exodus of human beings living in tents in implorable conditions and then refuse to open our own boarders to them after bombing them out of their own villages and homes.

The ends of these noble interventions just don’t meet the justifications for these wars beginnings to me.

So, in lesser words than I could rhetoric on about…

Unless I know, that the reason for myself or others to die is worth the cause and not some wicked plan to kill many to increase the networth of a few.

I cannot get behind or endorse an evil on earth that I have come to see only begets more of that same evil on earth.

                                                                          I hate war.

I have always hated war. I hate what it’s aftermath for generations to come has done to my own family and friends and it has always been apparent to me that the outcome of these wars are always and always have been inevitably nothing but more wars.

                    When you fight fire with fire you end up with nothing but more fire.

Now, I know because I am so vocal about my belief in renewable energy and my optimistic hope for God’s Peace, Love and Kingdom to be fully established here on Earth as it is in Heaven that I may have gained a reputation with some (who don’t really know me) as being some liberal, hippy, tree hugging, pacifist but in all actuality, I am personally offended when people try to throw me into a broad box labled for their own quick dismissal based on only a few of my many diversified beliefs and convictions.

I personally believe that our quick labeling and dismissal of of one another based on a handful of differing religious or political ideologies is a sign of our own present day humanities impatients that has produced a fruit of discord revealed in our often inabilty to really slow down and get understanding from each other.

A very wise King once said, that in all of our getting, we should seek to get understanding but of coarse who has the time to do any of that in our pedal to the metal, dog eat dog, competitive, in it to win it, high paced world these days.

The truth be told. I have more love and respect for soldiers like my grandfather than what many would ever really know but as well, I also hold tight to my hope for God’s Peace and Kingdom here on Earth as it is in Heaven.

When I meditate verses like the one I began this blog with… I see a world where we return to the garden again closer to the Earth. A world where we continue onward in God’s original mandate to be good stewards of this panet. A return to our commision to take care of our skies, the earth, the sea and everything in it. A planet where we seek the well being of people over profits and realize the wealth we have already been given by God in the majesty of our sun, the wind, the sea, the animals, the fish, the birds, each other, the seed and the dirt.

I sit and mediate and envision a time on Earth when Nations would allow Love to be the deciding factor in how we settle our disputes and not with threats and ego and anger and more bombs but rather with real love, peace, committed assistance and understanding.

I await a generation that will rise up and be in love with agriculture and how we can make barren waste places plentiful and beautiful again and when all of humanity within all of our boarders would genuinly begin to care about the well being of all of humanity, no matter where without boarders.

One of my favorite bible verses has always been;

“The earth is the LORD’s, and everything in it. The world and all its people belong to him.”

~ Psalms 24:1

On that high note that is really only scratching the surface of  my heart on this matter (a well too deep for me to draw from right now in this short blog)

let me conclude with this.

      If the Earth and everyone, everywhere in it, is The Lord’s?

My next logoical conclusion then, would be to pray God for the wisdom, strategy and strength to love, steward and rule well over this planet and all of it’s people, no matter how small or large my God given sphere of influence maybe.

Perhaps your prayer with me, could be the same.

In His Love, Pastor Scott Boggs



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