The End Has Come (Twice)

“The end! The end has come
upon the four corners of the land!
The end is now upon you,” ~ Ezekiel 7:2-3
To personaly apply certain historical passages of scripture to our own modern day circumsatnces can painfully be wrong and inaccurate to say the least.
For example; if we were to randomly open up our bibles together to Ezekiel chapter 7, which is a very dooming prophecy about “The End” and the destruction that was about to come upon The Nation of Israel and the their temple (The temple that Solomon built) at the hands of The Assyrians in 586 B.C. without knowing that, we could very well become afraid or concerned that such dooming circumstances could be lurking over our own or perhaps even our enemies unexpecting heads.
Rest at ease, this has nothing to do with you or your enemies.
Unfortunately though, this is exactly how many can unknowingly and accidentally begin to use the inspired scriptures.
They find all of the good stuff they can in the book and they pray and believe it over themselves and their loved ones and then on the other hand they find these horrific prophesies (Like Ezekiel 7 and 8 and so on) and will (if not checked by love) want to incant them or pray them over thier percieved enemies like the bible is some sort of witch craft spell book…
This is not how the bible is supposed to be used.
The Prophecy of Ezekiel when read next to The Apostle John’s Revelations have parallels to each other that can not be denied and both were very accurate pin point prophecies that were written in reference to both of The Nation of Isreal and Their Temple’s previous destructions.
The first destruction being in 586 B.C. at the hands of The Assyrians and the second destruction of their temple in 70 A.D. at the hands of Rome.
This historical knowing alone can help you understand and put into the proper context all of the dooming prophecies found in The Old and New Testament.
What remains outside of the dooming prophecies of The Old and New Testament are the furthering words, wisdom and teachings of Christ and those we should really try to personally apply.

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