Does God Burn Kids in Hell?

“They have built pagan shrines to Baal in the valley of Ben-Hinnom (γέενναν, geennan, hell) and there they sacrifice their sons and daughters to Molech. I have never commanded such a horrible deed; it never even crossed my mind to command such a thing. What an incredible evil, causing Judah to sin so greatly!”

~ Jeremiah 32:35

Shrines to Baal and an iron idol was erected with two extended arms and hands in The Valley of Hinnom (hell) where children would be laid and slowly burned alive as sacrifices to the demon god Molech, as others would would yell and bang on drums loud enough to try and drown out the screams of the children. The parents of the ones being burned alive in this valley had to stand emotionless as the sacrifice was going on or it was believed that their offering would be rejected.

This same valley later became the place that the Jewish people of Jesus day would burn The City of Jerusalem’s garbage. It was known as “The place where the fire never dies” because the flames were continually being nourished to keep the waste burning all hours of the day and night.

The Valley of Hinnon (Gehenna) was also the place where the bodies of law breakers under The Old Covenant, who had been stoned or beaten to death for their infractions could inevitably end up.

What I find amazingly freeing and comforting about this particular passage of Scripture is that God clearly says that it would never have even crossed His mind to do something so detestable. He says to burn children alive is an incredible evil, an evil that wouldn’t have even crossed His mind.

He actually calls the burning of children a sin.

So why is it that we so often ascribe God to be behind this more modern teaching of sinners being cast into an eternal fire?

Sinners who are people whom he himself in all of His Elohim power and glory has knitted together in their mothers womb?

How can so many people keep ascribing this horrible, historical place of demon worship, fire, child sacrifice and punishment to God our Redeeming and Loving Father?

I know that this is a topic that has lost me many friends over the years and has often even had me deemed a heretic and by many a false teacher but please for Heaven’s Sake before we misrepresent The Father’s Real Heart and Love for people any more than we already have, please for Heaven’s sake do the word study yourself.

It would never have even crossed God’s mind to burn his children in the fire.

It was an evil ritual that the worshippers of the demon god Molech practiced in The Valley of Hinnom, otherwise known as and traslated in our New Testaments as “Hell.”

This was the doings of a demon god named Molech in Hell (Gehenna).

Not the will of God Our Father and Creator, Who Art in Heaven.

~ Stay in Love, Pastor Scott of


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