Destruction or Peace?

“The earth is the LORD’s, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it…”

                                                                                                                      ~ Psalms 24:1

These broad strokes and generalizing about people, races and even nations is so out of hand and dangerous and it only proves just how misinformed, mislead and naive people can really be.

For example: If you look at a map and you see Israel and you think that they are all Good Moses Loving God Chosen Jewish people who live there and then look at all of the surrounding nations and believe the lies that they are all Radical Muslim terrorists. You really do not have a grasp on reality.

Israel is a melting pot just like America is. There are over 400 Muslim Mosques in Israel. 73 alone in Jerusalem herself. Could you imagine if The World News posted a picture of The United States tonight and highlighted lets say California and fed us some lies about how everyone in California were All Christians and then insinuated that all of the surrounding states in America were filled with mean scary Christian haters who wanted nothing more than to blow up and kill all of the Christians in California.

That’s about how much sense it makes to do the same with Israel and all of her surrounding nations.

There are Jews, Christians and Muslims all over the middle east living and intermingling in the same villages one with another. Sharing common market places and just like we live here (at least where I’m from) giving a mutual respect one unto another.

A Jewish soldier friend of mine was telling me years ago that one of the biggest shocks to him was how unaware people in America were about the melting pot of people and religions Israel actually was. We laughed about how everyone seemed to think that the Israeli boarder some how magically made all the people within it (regardless of their religion, faith or lack of it) somehow more special, holier or more valued by God.

Jesus Preached The Love of The Father and His Kingdom way beyond those boarders. His conquest is not that of land but rather our hearts…

Anywhere on this Earth that they may be.

 God doesn’t call us to create nations he invites us to inherit His Kingdom.

 God Bless Israel. God Bless The Arab Nations. God Bless Africa, Russia, Poland. God Bless Spain and Mexico. God Bless Cuba and Germany. France and Italy. God Bless America…. God Bless all Nations and continents on Earth with Ever Lasting Peace and Love for one another and In Jesus Name… Father God…Your Kingdom Come.

                                                                                                  In His Love, Pastor Scott


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