The New vs. The Old

“The New Testament” isn’t The New Covenant. It is the writings of the time that surrounds “The New Covenant.” The specific places people take you in The New Testament to prove their point about “Our Father” wanting to punish the wicked for their sins will be pointing you to writings that would have taken place in between “The Cross” and the destruction of “The Temple.”

We must understand that there was a 40 year transitioning period going on here in which the old covenant was becoming obsolete. All while the birth and knowledge of The New Covenant Church was increasing in numbers and growing in supernatural power and strength.

The Old was coming to an end and was soon to be done away with while The New was being quickly ushered in.

 “The New Testament” (these writings surrounding) “The New Covenant” that were written before Rome sacked and destroyed The Temple in 70 A.D. would have been written prior to the removal of The Old Covenant that God was in with Israel.

Thus… until that covenant was removed and the new established… God was still in a binding legal agreement to punish Israel for their infractions of the law.

As well as a promise to curse their enemies. For Example; When Paul cursed a man blind in The New Testament. He was a Jew still in a binding Covenant with God that clearly stated God’s contractual agreement to get behind and curse those who maybe troubling or cursing him.

God  from an Old Covenant lens was in an agreement with Paul and all other God fearing Jews of that time to punish their enemies and to condemn those who may try to raise up against them but I do not believe that this was in no means meant to be taken as an example for us to follow as “New Covenant Christians.”

He was a Jew, filled with The Holy Spirit learning the ways of Christ and yet still lived and was doing his ministry during this 40 year transitional period… Between 30 A.D. (The Alter) and 70 A.D.  (The Temple).

As a Jew The Apostle Paul was still under “The Old Covenant” coming into the newness and freedom of “The New Covenant.”

The “Old Covenant” wasn’t made obsolete until their stone tablets, lineage, priesthood and Temple were destroyed by fire in 70 A.D. (See Hebrews 8:13)

I believe it was with the removal of the “Old Covenant” on this “Day of The Lord” that began on the 9th of AV in 70 A.D. that not only brought punishment on the heads of that days religious system and leaders for all the innocent blood of the prophets they had shed…(see Matthew 23 and 24) but it was also at this time, 40 years (one biblical generation) after the death, resurrection and ascension of Christ that Rome’s removal of the Jewish people’s temple ushered in The New Covenant. 

The New Covenant that is in fact very alive and well today.

   Go in this new understanding and as an older and wiser Paul implored us in his letter to The Romans (See Romans 12) do not invoke curses like he did early on in his conversion and following of Jesus. Keep in mind he was a murderous persecutor of the early church who after converting to Christianity,  I am sure (like many of us) may have still been a little rough around the edges.

I wouldn’t encourage you to go in the ways of Peter either who filled with The Holy Spirit cursed Ananias with his wife, Sapphira for lying and holding back on their giving.  

Let us seek to be more like Jesus who taught us all to love our enemies and to pray for those who persecute us.

Remember how when his disciples wanted to call down fire on the heads of others and Jesus rebuked them saying “You know not what Spirit you are of.” (See Luke 9:54-56)

Christ’s ministry is higher than Paul’s and Peter’s and John’s and James and all others for that matter and even though God has used them all and even you or me to expand His Kingdom and reign here on this Earth. Let’s remember, that it is Christ’s teachings and New Covenant we are to obtain to and that Christ’s Covenant is based on God’s Love for us and on even better promises.

 Jesus showed us the way of God’s love. Consider God’s love for all (including your enemies) before you try to justify any imprecatory prayers on anyone’s head.

Go with God’s grace, love and forgiveness.

This is “The New Covenant” with man that Christ came and gave his life to establish.

God is love. Love wins and cannot fail.

In His Love, Pastor Scott Adrian Boggs


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