The Lord Provides

The Lord has been speaking to me about manna for sometime. He keeps bringing to my remembrance how even though God would faithfully rain bread from the heavens to feed his people daily (as they needed it) with no more to be kept and no less than what was needed. A lot like myself learning to trust God (being self employed and in ministry). I’m sure there were many out there in the wilderness still getting up worried each day about whether or not the bread from heaven was still going to come!

Believing this and honestly being able to relate. I have been comforted by The Holy Spirit knowing that I am not the only one who still sweats a little and starts checking my walk with The Lord intensely when it is down to the day and hour our needs are due.

Yet, he has not ever failed me and my family! My own trust issues and fears have been made painfully manifest at times and I am glad to say that they are each being exposed and uprooted one by one through out this whole process of learning to Trust God with our daily allotted grace and provision…

There is so much doubt and fear to be stripped from us and so much faith, patience and trust to be obtained in the wilderness years Church.

God’s Peace is becoming so much more prevalent in my life than all the previous years of stress, worry, anxiety, panic and pressure.

He has in fact, been proven to me despite all my doubts and fears to be my continual source, provider and just overall a really Good, Good, Father!

                                      In His Love, Pastor Scott Boggs


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