Honest Hard Work

   Lying, scamming, scheming, back biting, back stabbing, fault finding, gossip, manipulating, ill gotten gain and all of the such will keep many stuck in that brutal dog eat dog, hamster wheel, rat race of tiring survival.

   On the other hand, I have found (at almost 40 years old) that being honest, hard working, wise, encouraging, helpful, filled with integrity and genuine concern and kindness for others will not only get you further and for much longer than your trifling associates but in the long run whether it be where you presently are or somewhere higher.

   I can promise you that when God notices your heart and steadfast faithfulness to the ones you are serving. You will not only be in the running to be promoted in business and profession but overall, God will begin making ways for you to be promoted in Life. In conclusion. Love and serve others.

                                                                                               In His Love, Pastor Scott Boggs


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