Revelations Revealed

The Book of Revelations was given to The Apostle John on The Island of Patmos when he was drawn up by The Spirit and shown amazing things pertaining to 70 A.D.

For example. Each letter in Revelations chapter 2 was written to real Christian Churches that geographically existed all along the same trade route that the Roman Armies took to seize and sack the temple.

Each town along this route was known for specific trades that many of the locals worked in and each letter was written with clear references that were specific to that particular towns trade.

It’s an amazing historical and revealing study that brings amazing clarity to what was happening then and as well brings much freedom from the impending doom that many futurists and dispensationalists¬†want to still project over our heads today

A clearer understanding of “Revelations” in it’s proper historical context can be really freeing and as well re ignite the original commission of what Christ said we should be doing here on this Earth.

In His Love, Pastor Scott Boggs


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