Unfaithful Israel

Israel as a nation was in a Covenant with God for a long time but they started worshipping (committing adultery) with Assyrian and Babylonian pagan gods that ended up resulting in the destruction of their temple and city in 589 B.C.. but God is gracious and kind and forgiving… So he forgave them and adorned them and took them back in and built them back up and even sent Nehemiah the cupbearer to gather men and their families to go back and rebuild their temple and city once again until later they began getting allured and tempted again into more adulterous relationships with Roman and Greek Gods that resulted in even more dire consequences.

After ages of their continual unfaithfulness, their rejection of the prophets and their final rejection of Jesus himself, the 7 seal divorce certificate (as talked about in Revelation) was issued resulting in the destruction of the temple again by The Armies of Rome in 70 A.D. forever making that Old Covenant that God was in with an unfaithful, wicked and adulterous generation obsolete. It was finished.

God had divorced himself from the unfaithful and scornful and married himself to the faithful followers of Christ who had fled to the mountains and were spared that horrible destruction and “end” that came on the heads of the city and the temple at the end of that age. This event also marks the ushering in of The New Covenant of God’s Love, Faithfulness, and Spirit to help anyone from all tribes, tongues, and nations, Jew or Gentile, who will call on The Name of Our Lord.

Jesus is Lord.

Hope this helps,

Stay in Love.



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