Giving in a Drought

After Studying 2nd Corinthians 8 and 9 and going back to all of The Old Testament verses that Paul had quoted from (Exodus 16, Isaiah 55 and Psalms 112.) It appears to me that The Apostle Paul was very clear that his intention in taking up an offering in The Church in Corinth was not to line his own pockets and live easy while others became hardplexed. It appears to me that he was desiring to take up an offering in Corinth to help the churches in Macedonia that were suffering in poverty during the historical drought that took place during The Reign of Claudius.

Paul spoke of how serious he and his fellow workers in the ministry of Christ took this and how they wanted to redistribute these funds in such a way that would not be criticized by man nor be unpleasing to God. His heart came through to me as wanting to implore equality among the churches in both Macedonia and Corinth and in doing so he was reminding The Church in Corinth that God would accredit to their account Righteousness if they would stay given to the poor…

God who is more than able to provide seed to the sower…

He spoke of taking their plenty and giving into another’s lack and made note that if the tables were turned the same would expect the same to be done for them. One thing to take note of in all of Paul’s New Testament giving instructions or in any of The Old Testament verses he had quoted from that there was never any mention of an obligation to “The Tithe” or “Temple Tax”. There was never any mention of this in any of his discourse.

What came through strongly was how The Churches in Macedonia had first given themselves to the Lord and then by God’s prompting decided to give even out of their own poverty…..

Thus I remain my stance that God desires us to go with him in relationship considering our finances. In prayer, I believe we should all set aside an amount that we are willing to give to His causes and to give it cheerfully. This is what God desires. That we give generously and that we give out of what has been settled with God in our relationship with him…

I believe the message here from The Apostle Paul in this particular context was to go with God and to help him (Paul) as he was making plans to scatter their gifts abroad to the poorer suffering brothers and sisters in Macedonia.

Stay in Love, Pastor Scott


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