Differing Opinions

It seems to me that when one cries out to Jesus from a sincere and genuine broken place, needing his divine intervention and hand in life that they will experience a real tangible embrace and support powerfully come to them from him.
I have seen it and experienced this myself so manytimes.
Unfortunately though, I have also witnessed seeing people who had recently had a powerful encounter with God then get tossed into a guanlet of differing religious circles with conflicting indoctrinations that can sadly leave the recently born again believer feeling almost as lost and confounded as they were before they cried out for His help.
I have seen it too many times.
All of the lies and bad theology and false teachings that misrepresent Our Father’s Heart for mankind that people have to fight through to know simply again just how much Christ cares and is always willing to be there for them.
Always remember this, if man’s opinions and interpertations of the bible ever start to confuse or overwhelm you, just remember that Jesus himself is as near as your breath.
As a redeemded and reconciled child of God Our Creator having made Jesus The Lord and King of your heart. What really matters more than anything. What matters the most is your ability and willingness to go to him at anytime and in all things.
Our relationship with God The Father, Jesus The Son and Holy Spirit is above all what matters more than any of man’s religious and philisophical debates.
Stay close to him. Remain in him.
Hold onto Jesus as tightly as the first day you reached out knowing “If I could only touch his robe.”
Need him personally today as much as you needed him the first day you cried out to him.
In all things. Make Him Lord.
In His Love, pastor Scott

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