The Catch of a Lifetime

When studying Luke Chapter 5 (as we did last night) it’s very important to take note of the other Gospels (Matthew and Marks) account of God’s Provision.
Without seeing all three perspectives, one could easily be misled to believe that after Peter had recieved the catch of a lifetime and assuredly enough fish to salt and pack to keep him and his famlies needs met for a good while…
…that he then just walked away from it all to follow Jesus.
Key point to see in this story for greater clarity (not found in Matthew or Luke) is found in Mark’s gospel account.
“Without delay he called them, and they left their father Zebedee in the boat with the hired men and followed him.” ~ Mark 1:20
Yes, Peter was freed up from that point on to go on a preety amazing mission trip with Jesus as he left the fish and boats with James and John’s Father Zebedee and the rest of their hired workers.
Let’s not get it twisted.
Jesus doesn’t call people to neglect their families and responsibilities to follow him.
Rather he will make a way, taking full care of you and all of your families needs so you can.
In His Love, Pastor Scott

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