Why I am not a Zionist.

For those who still put much religious emphasis on war, land and heritage.

Please keep in mind that God’s New Covenant has been established in Christ and that The Old Covenant with Moses was made completely obsolete after the horrific events that took place in 70 A.D.  (See Hebrews 8:13).

You see, we as Christians and followers of Christ (not Moses) we have been established now with Christ walking in faith as descendants of Abraham and David. A new people born again into a royal, kingly and priestly line. Regardless of our origin or ethnic group.

We are Christians walking by faith and grace… not by law and punishment!

You see, today for us as believers. It’s no longer a geographical thing as it was in the day’s of Moses and Joshua!

No, today in Christ we ourselves are the land that is to be surrendered to God

and it’s a very personal, intimate and spiritual conquest between us and him! 

A yielding and giving of ourselves to The Life Transforming Power of The Holy Spirit whose goal is to make us all more like Christ

and this is why I am not a Zionist.

Take note of one more interesting fact. There is not even one scripture in all of The New Testament that ever refers to a rebuilt temple. No, not even one… and even worse… All verses being used by many to teach such a violent eschatology are being taken from the Old Testament out of their proper hermeneutic and historical context.

Why do I say this you might ask? It’s because all references in The Old Testament to the temple’s previous destruction and rebuilding are always in reference to exactly just that. They are in reference to the temple’s previous destruction and rebuilding. (See Nehemiah)

In The New Testament we have here very clear prophecies (like Matthew 24) that have already been fulfilled a long time ago but many times being wrongly interpreted and preached from pulpits today as others doomed future. 

Listen, for those who are teaching or waiting for another temple to be rebuilt in Israel before the imminent return of Christ.

am sorry to say but glad to tell you that you have been taught this wrong and to keep teaching that an anti-christ (which just simply means you are not for Christ) is going to rise up and deceive the whole world as he sits in this new temple… ??? 

With teachings like this I am afraid we have already become deceived and side tracked from what our true Christ given mandate and mission really is and always has been.

Teachings like this are really fairly new to the body of Christ and as new teachings and  doctrines like this spread they need to be studied and tested.

As these kinds of assumptions are being looked at more and more. We are discovering more and more just how false such teachings are and with overwhelming evidence.

Do you want to talk seriously about adding or taking away from the book? With some of the stuff being taught today you have to add and take away quite a bit.

By endorsing such teachings and not confronting them head on we are only working to re empower and self fulfill a prophecy that has already come and gone and should have been done away with in 70 A.D..

By continuing on in such bad end time teaching and by placing a doom on peoples heads that has already came and went… We are actually hindering The Body of Christ from going fourth in what the real commission and message of Christ was and still is.

The message was to be empowered by The Holy Spirit and to go…

to go bring fourth God’s Kingdom here on Earth!

His Kingdom that shall know no end!

So in this arena when we have so many teachers who clearly do not understand the scriptures correctly. I in love would implore us all to re consider what The Apostle Paul teaches us so beautifully and clearly in 1st Corinthians 3:16.

 Prior to the temples destruction in 70 A.D.. 

The Apostle Paul say’s

“Don’t you realize that all of you together (Christians) are the temple of God and that the Spirit of God (Christ) lives in you?”

In essence, he was calling all believers out from that Old Covenant of animal sacrifice, holy war and temple tax into The New Covenant of Christ’s Atonement, Forgiveness, Love, Peace, Holy Spirit and Empowerment to be The Church anywhere and everywhere we go…

from Jerusalem to literally all the ends of The Earth….

Consider The Apostle Johns teaching…

“For the law was given through Moses, but God’s unfailing love and faithfulness came through Jesus Christ.” ~ John 1:17

or Paul again in his letter to The Romans when he made this very bold statement!

         “Christ is the end of the law” ~ Romans 10:4

Now with all of that out of the way. Maybe we can all get back to Christ’s true commission  which was to go and bring His Father’s Kingdom of Love, Healing, Power and Peace 

to all the Earth!

In His Love, Pastor Scott Boggs


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