To Tithe or Not to Tithe (that is the question)

Years ago, after I had my gas shut off because I was being faithful to my tithe. That was when I started looking more into the tithe thing in the bible. Today, I no longer give a fixed 10% because man say’s that’s what I’m supposed to do.

I give as The Lord leads (which is often more) but since I have began going with God in my giving I have not ever had to tell my kids again that there is no hot water this week.

The first time I felt that I was being led by God to give less than my tithe in order to meet my families needs, I was rebuking Satan thinking surely this cannot be God’s leading but as I said… ever since I started going with God in all of my giving not only have I many times had more than 10% to give but even more importantly The Lord has never allowed me and my family to ever go without our needs being met again.

Now, by all means if you feel The Lord is leading you to give 10% to something then for heaven’s sake do it! Go with God! I’m just saying don’t be surprised if in your on going relationship with him if he was to tell you “Pay your water bill.”

It becomes much more relational this way.


Today I teach that we are to go with God in all of our giving. Sit down and ask the Lord where he would have you to distribute the increase he is giving you whether that be 5%, 10%, 20% or 100%. Let it be more relational between you and him allowing him to lead your heart and giving more than letting it become some impersonal sort of legalistic obligation. Never give unto The Lord’s works like it’s just another financial obligation or bill you have to pay each week or month. Thank him for all you have, no matter how much or how little that is. Pray and say “Thank You Lord and now what would you have me to do with this?” Stay sensitive to His leading and then distribute as he wills…

Personally, as a Pastor and overseer of ministries in a region where people are already financially challenged. I’d rather have a church filled with happy people joyfully giving what they can rather than pushing “a tenth” on people and ending up with a place filled with grumbling, at each other’s throat, hard pressed struggling Christians scraping and borrowing from one another to just barely get by.

I say it and practice it. In all of your giving, whether to your own necessities or unto the needs of others… always go with God.

Thank him for all of your increase (small or large) and then ask him “Lord, where and how would you have me give this?” Again, I say… In all of your giving, always go with God.

New Covenant giving, isn’t a law, obligation or requirement as it was under Moses.

In Christ, our giving is to be much more relational and should always be between you and God. Spend time with God and then go with God.

In His love, Pastor Scott Adrian Boggs


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