2nd Peter Chapter 3

The word “Elements” from 2nd Peter chapter 3 was in reference to all the priesthood and lineage records that were destroyed in the fire during the temples destruction in 70 a.d. (not the end of the world.)

Let’s start getting this all untwisted Church so this next generation can carry The True Gospel to the world with nothing being added or taken away! A clearer understanding of the bible makes for The Good News to become even better…..

Granted, I know that much of the truths we are finding in properly translated Greek and Hebrew words do have a tendency to strike at the very foundation and infrastructure of what many denominations have built their whole empires on…

Yet, In the end holding true to our biblical instruction to “Speak all truth in Love.”

Some need to humbly start admitting that their eschatology’s have simply been wrong and that these truths we are now finding (I believe anointed and appointed for this time) have been revealed in order to set captives of religious captivity free to receive the True Good News of Christ’s Kingdom on their lives and region Now!

In His Love, Pastor Scott


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