The Potter’s Church

I am convinced in my heart and mind that when Christian “Religious Organizations” be it Catholic, Protestant or Non Denominational start caring more about The Out Pouring of The Holy Spirit and The True Advancement of God’s Kingdom here on Earth more than they are concerned about their own organization’s money and members… We may begin to truly see more Unity in The Faith as mentioned by Paul in Ephesians.
It never ceases to fail that when man, boards or organizations try to contain, box, own, control or put their own stamp on what is a true real move of God on Earth… that move tends to become quenched and will eventually die down into just another dead religious ceremony filled with stories of the good old days….

I have come to believe that God is not pleased when we as mere humans try to chop up and dice his will and heart for the earth into fragmented, man owned and operated organizations….

Let me make this clear. The Body of Christ, The True Church of Christ and God’s Kingdom Come here on Earth is not a Kingdom that can be divided by man. We are to yield to God, not expect God to yield to us.

As well I believe we need to realize that The Kingdom of Heaven is not an organization that can be contained but is The All Earth encompassing Power and Love of God exerting his reign, will, wisdom and supremacy on all of his Creation… And I believe it’s obvious that a million, divided Christ name-bearing organizations could never own A Kingdom that is Rightfully His…

Oh how one day I can see us all dropping our reigns and our need to try and control a force from heaven that will not be contained or tamed by no man. May Christ one day be recognized as King over us all and may we all as Christians (from all these differing, divided organizations) come under one big banner of God’s Love and unite in our efforts collectively to bring God’s Kingdom and Spirit here on Earth in power.

Be empowered True Church of Christ and let’s keep going!

~In His Love, Pastor Scott Adrian Boggs

(Note: The Potter’s Field Ministries is a recognized “Religious Organization”)


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