I’m a Liberal Christian Conservative

You just have to love a political system designed like a pendulum that swings for a term or two of years in one direction and then swings back a term or two in the opposite direction all while being held together by that pivot that keeps us all from any real radical change in either or direction. You can call it checks and balances. Right and left.
As a very liberal conservative (lol) I see the whole thing quite hypnotizing, limiting and at times very counterproductive to any real, long lasting, cultural and societal change.

Thanks for suffering my short winded political rant.

As a Minister I really do make it a practice to not combine my spiritual principles and personal way of life with any motive to persuade political agenda’s or votes. Yet, to separate My Kingdom values from this worlds politics.. I have found really offends and upsets people greatly. Yet, I will remain my stance that I believe politics is one of the greatest divides I have ever seen within The Body of Christ and in all of my search of the scriptures I have yet to find one account of Jesus (My Role Model) ever campaigning for any of his own day’s religious or political parties.

Following suit as best as I earthly can. I will choose to make my pursuit of God’s Wisdom and His Love and The Power of His Kingdom… The Kingdom of God… Here on Earth as it is in Heaven my hope for change.

“The God of heaven will set up a kingdom that will never be destroyed or conquered. It will crush all these kingdoms into nothingness, and it will stand forever.” ~ Daniel 2:44

I personally don’t see either Trump or Bernie as being the president of this Kingdom. Nor do I give any Nation or World Government this honor

Jesus Is Lord… The Kingdom of Heaven is alive and well. My vote has been cast and my nomination has already been eternally elected and as an ambassador of His Kingdom I will do my best to continue His Works and Nation Transforming Love Here on Earth.

One of those works being God’s Will to Unify us All in The Faith.


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