Good Counsel

I have seen the use of psychology and psychiatry working together to help people with chemical dependency in the long run. When let’s say for example a psychiatrist prescribes an ex cocaine addict an anti depressant to treat deep depression for a time while a psychologist treats the patient with coping skills, the teaching of better cognitive thinking or more positive inner dialogue…

Even better yet helping someone get to the root of their deep depression (The Ultimate Lie that they are believing about themselves God and others). These kinds of things combined with hope, faith and love and proper follow up with good people who are in their fields to help can lead to a persons ultimate improvement and even possible and eventual weaning off of all street and prescription drugs.

   Just writing scripts though with no follow up or counseling for some sort of  continued residual income is not ever going to finish the job with the suffering one involved. 

                                                                                       In His Love, Pastor Scott Boggs


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