Inside Out


I don’t believe confessing a weakness to someone is the same as admitting we are not good enough or worse than others. To be honest and confess one unto another our shortcomings or failings (present or past) with a heart of honest accountability and in the hope of finding help and freedom is not a bad thing at all. This is simply to be real and genuine and to be on the other side, a supportive non judgmental, compassionate caring listener who will correct (if need be) and pray with you over such matters is simply to be a Christian.

I do see the popular logic and have heard it taught many times about “being made perfect in Christ.” I am fine with this but not when this verse is used out of context as some means to not allow one to bring up anything hurtful or negative from their past or present.

As a Minister I find many who are still wounded inside and in agreement with many lies they have heard about themselves, others and God.

I find many who are still struggling in area’s of their life. Be it with addictions, fears, unforgiveness, roots of bitterness and so on…

I do agree, that by reinforcing people’s real identity in Christ to them is the way to go! Letting them know that they are nothing less than a beloved Child of God, Forgiven and Graced to overcome whatever the weakness is…  thus demolishing these lies, healing ones soul, renewing minds to the truth and ultimately seeing The Holy Spirit truly set these captives free!

   I am all for “being made perfect in Christ” just never at the expense of not (if need be) first dealing with the trauma’a and wounds that people have suffered and exposing the lies that have often taken up their residency within.

Devils love to come in and whisper lies to us when we are the most down and vulnerable. I love it when the light comes in to expose and dispel those dark roots.

“Beloved, I pray that all may go well with you and that you may be in good health, as it goes well with your soul.” ~ 3rd John 1:2.

I am a big believer in The Holy Spirit coming in with the power to evict lies and with the power to mend up all the wounds of the broken in heart.

I have found  that it is in these wounds that these lies so often dwell.

As Christ does his work and healing on the inside of you…

so shall it be on the outside of you!

When this happens don’t be surprised if what once seemed like a part of you (the lie you believed) is now just an old harassing thought knocking on the outside of you. Keep the door shut. The devil is a liar, you are deeply Loved by God and Jesus is Lord!

In His Love, Pastor Scott Boggs


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