Better Equipped Ministers


One of my biggest pet peeves is how when people act as if once you are “Saved” there is no need for you to ever bring back up again any issues or things from your past. As if it’s all gone now so just be happy happy, joy joy all the time and don’t bother us with any of your old drama.

This is not the way it works Church. Once we are reconciled to God he then comes into our lives with His Spirit and begins to mend up all the wounds of our broken heart. He restores our wounded souls. He unravels strongholds in our minds like tight knots freeing us to think and see more clearly again.

I am a big believer in listening and ministering truth as it is revealed to me to the soul and mental well being of an individual…..

It’s really is a deep Holy Spirit led work that I would agree with others that knowing more about mental health and peoples emotional well being can only further and better equip us as Ministers of The New Covenant. A Minister called to Minister to one’s whole being, mind, body and soul.

As well… to walk a mile or two with a brother or sister will always beget more love, compassion and understanding for that ones walk. No matter what the heartache, pain or struggle. I am not opposed to people who have emotional or mental health issues. Nor do I have problems with Ministers who are currently going through or who have already been through some stuff themselves.

Ministers are people too and they (including myself) have their own issues to deal with. All while still seeking The Lords Heart and His healing  and strength for other’s.

It can be very weighty sometimes being a Minister of The Lord. Trust me, I know what it’s like to be leading while bleeding.

Anyone (including Ministers) who can’t be real and upfront about their own issues, hang ups and weaknesses may not be choice for relating to and compassionately Ministering to your own. I’m just saying. A part of being a genuine friend or Minister is our ability and willingness to keep it real in our relationships one unto another.

I thought this blog from my Pastor friend Alan Hawkins was very honest, eyeopening and a topic that needs to be further explored and faced by modern day Ministers of The New Covenant.…/mental-illnes…/10154563931679676…


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