Women of God Speak

The Greek Word γυναικὶ (Woman) is singular and has 217 occurrences in our New Testament and is never once plural as in women and yet we have this same word γυναικὶ translated here in our English translations as Women (plural) when reading 1st Timothy Chapter 2:12 in our NLT Translation.

In a correct historical context and proper Greek, it appears that The Apostle Paul was instructing Timothy on how to deal with a flamboyant Diana (Artemis) worshipper who was attempting to usurp his own Authority as A Minister of Christ with the false teachings and indoctrinations of the female deity worshippers who were historically very prevalent in The City of Ephesus in 65 A.D.

In essence, Paul had instructed Timothy by letter to not let THAT WOMAN (Not “A Woman”) teach in the church (verse 11) but to instruct her to remain quiet and to just listen if she was truly interested in hearing The Teachings of Christ and the early Apostles.

Unfortunately, this word Woman (singular) was mistranslated as Women (Plural) causing many to believe Paul was saying that women should not be allowed to teach in the Church when he actually was not.

So hopefully we have debunked the bad English translations of both 1st Corinthians 14:33-34 and 1st Timothy 2:12 that were skewed making The Apostle Paul sound like a male chauvinistic oppressor of women when in all actuality he was not.

In an exhaustive press of these two passages (over the last few months here) we have brought new light to what was actually (exegesis) happening in these two scenarios (historically) and have contended that Paul was encouraging quite the opposite among The Women of Christ gathering in the 1st-century church.

The Apostle Paul was, in fact, instructing via his letters, a liberation of The Women of God and giving the qualified women among them full permission to “speak” and “teach” and even to “prophesy” and hold offices like Apostle or Deaconess but as well giving a younger Apostle like Timothy back in Ephesus the instruction to not allow that certain woman, a Diana (Artemis) worshipper who was teaching falsehoods in the church permission to teach or undermine his own God Given authority any longer.

I hope this helps and as always, Stay in Love Church, Pastor Scott

~ Stay in Love, Pastor Scott of https://thepotterschurch.com/


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