The Clarion Call

Some Ministers of The Lord are Blessed by their community with a building to do worship and weekly services in, a salary, health coverage for them and their family and many other nice and comforting perks that come with the Job.
My wife and I (Ministers of The Same Lord) oversee a local thrift store that Blesses our community with clothes for a dollar and kids clothes for .50 cents along with many other smaller, needed household items.
Some receive financial support and a steady stream of income for all of their work and service as ministers.
0ther Ministers do not receive in tithes and offerings enough support to even take a salary for all of their hard work and sacrifice and have to work day jobs as well to cover all of their monthly overheads.
Please understand, this is not a complaint. This is the truth.
Listen, not everyone who decides to go in the direction of “Conventional Ministry” will end up on a path that leads them to the end of that desire.
When I stepped out in faith many years ago to pursue the clarion call on my life, I would have never imagined we would be in over our heads in a Christian clothing ministry helping as many people and families as we do in our community.
I would have never imagined that I would be leading worship songs on my acoustic or teaching a reformative theology on a weekly basis around my Kitchen table.
I could have never seen us financially supporting 2 sister churches in India, building wells, shipping bibles to Uganda, clothing the homeless, distributing low-income food to people and so on…
It’s been many years that we have been at this work and our list of accomplishments and exploits can go on and on but I don’t want our praises to come from us.
My point in all of this is this.
Often when we say “Yes Lord, I will follow you.”
It comes with us not really knowing exactly where He is going to end us up but one thing along the way is for sure. You can trust Him to take care of you as he gets you to where he is taking you.
People won’t always seem to support your vision or encourage you in all you have set out to do for Him and that’s okay because at the end of the day it is really only His providential grace and continual support that any of us ever really need.
He can always speak to an individual concerning you, open new doors of opportunity, connect you to the right people and in many ways get your ends met over and over again and often not in the conventional ways that you may have expected it to come in a life fully surrendered and given to God.
Rest assured though, when The Call of God is on your life and you respond with a resounding “Yes!” He will continue to prove Himself true to you as a God that will consistently make a way for you and your family as you stay committed to teaching others “The Way”.
Also, I want to encourage all my “Less Orthodox” ministers, colleagues and friends who have stepped out in faith to teach, preach, prophesy, evangelize and so on…
You are not alone.
A good study of the life of Paul should be comforting and affirming. The trials of Joseph and David, the hardships of Ruth or the rejection of the prophets like Jeremiah or Daniel. We can go on and on…
The Bible is not short on these amazing and inspiring stories of people whose faith just would not allow them to give up and whose tenacity kept them strong even when they had become weak and whose enduring hope kept them going even when all else seemed to be yelling at them to “Stop.”
There is not enough to be said about those throughout history and even now in our present-day and age that have shod their feet in the dirt of godly truth with their shield held up high against all the fiery darts of opposition and persecution that may come and have decided in their heart that “Though none go with me, I have decided to declare and decree, whether with riches or in rags, I will follow thee.”
These are the kinds of people who effect positive change in their communities, who alter history, that pave new ways and that God uses to make all things new.
To all of my fellow brother’s and sister’s in Christ who have been graced by God to step out and think outside of the box. There is a special place for you in The Kingdom.
It’s actually you that are advancing The Kingdom of Heaven into new territory and into new places here on Earth.
Be encouraged. Don’t look back and don’t give up.
Stay in Love, Pastor Scott Boggs

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