I Am Coming Soon

It’s so important to understand when reading our scriptures that The Old Testament Prophets like Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Isaiah were prophesying the 1st destruction of the temple that was built by Solomon around 966 B.C.. It was destroyed by the babylonians in 586 B.C. and then it was rebuilt by Nehemiah in 444 B.C. and then Jesus in The New Testament in 30 A.D. prophesied the second destruction of the temple by The Romans in 70 A.D..

These were the unfortunate consequences of an unfaithful people who kept turning their hearts and worship to other gods.

In the days of the prophets, it was often assyrian and babylonian gods that God’s chosen people were commiting spiritual adultery with and in the days of Jesus it was more often than not the Roman and Greek gods they were tempted and allured by.

It’s a long story of our faithful God in a covenant relationship with an unfaithful and adulterous, covenant breaking people.

Jesus said, that at the end of that age, the age that he said it in (See The Olivet Discourse, Matthew 24 and 25, Mark 13, and Luke 21) that the temple would be destroyed again and it was exactly 40 years after he had said this in 30 A.D. beginning on the 9th of Av in 70.A.D. that within 11 months
of that same year was.

The temple was toppled and all the lineage of the levitical priesthood was burned by the armies of Rome ushering in what was “The End” not only of that age but as well the end of that old covenant that God had been in.

The seven seal scroll as found and described in Revelations by John was in fact known in antiquity as a divorce certificate.

The escape of the faithful followers of Jesus from Jerusalem into the mountains of Judea where they awaited the dooming events that Jesus said would come down on the religious system of that day’s heads is also geographically where we have found caves filled not only with lanterns and oil for their obvious trek out of harms way but as well scrolls that have carried on their exodous and story to our present day.

In essence, God divorced himself from an unfaithful people who he had repeatedly forgiven and taken back over and over again and finally said “No, that is enough” and decided to make obsolete that Old Covenant based on law and adherence to a New Covenant based on the transforming work of His Holy Spirit and grace.

It was like God stripped the Kingdom from that unfaithful and adulterous generation and gave it to the faithful spirit filled believers in Christ who by following his heeding and instructions about what to do when they saw the armies surrounding Jerusalem were spared and saved from The Roman Armies descent on Jerusalem that day.

That Day of Judgement.

Thus, The Bride of Christ.

The faithful Christians who while awaiting “The Coming of The Lord” which was always understood as a dire consequence for the unfaithful breaking covenant, awaited to see it come down on the head of their oppressors and to see The Lord redeem and save them from all of the violent opposistion they were recieving.

As the faithful followers of Christ cried out from amid the accumalting 7 years of horrendous trial and tribulation that they were all enduring, the hardships spoke of in the new testament that led right up to the time that Nero had killed himself and that Rome was getting in posistion to sieze Jerusalem. All of this was coming to a head…

Just a couple years before “The End” was to come,

John The Apostle while imprisoned on the island of patmos wrote this amazing and revealing apocalyptic letter very comparable to Ezekiel’s own scroll that prophesied the temples first destruction back in 586 B.C. that concluded with Christ’s affirming and comforting words to His 1st century followers that he was “Coming Soon!”

Well, in that context of “The Coming of The Lord,” he came and the old covenant that God was in with the unfaithful was finally made obsolete while The New Covenant that is based on even better promises than the first, has now been established and we as believing Christians filled with The Holy Spirit have been The Bride of Christ ever since.

This is crucial to know when standing against the false teachings and prophesies that have crept in over more recent years that seek to put these dooming events in our near future rather than safely where they belong in the past.

False teachings and false prophets that have been misaligning history and the truth of God’s Word for years now and even theologically systematically indoctrinating and ordaining people to go out and teach such faslehoods.

God love em’ but for heavens sake these errors need to be corrected and the truths of Jesus need to be taught.

The truth sets us free.

In His Love, Pastor Scott


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