God’s Enabling Grace

Where would any of us from the best of us to the worst of us be if it wasn’t for God’s Grace? None of us are good enough to earn it and none of us have been to bad to not get it. It’s a gift from God that holds us and helps us as we are all growing in The Lord. Every one of us stumble along the way. God’s Grace is like his hands helping us to get back up again and encouraging us further along the way. Man may forsake you but Our Lord never will. You can put faith and trust in that. He loves us with an unending love. His mercies are new every morning and he is faithful even when we haven’t been. Don’t ever believe you are beyond his grace and don’t ever fear or shun other’s that God is offering his grace toward. Love others with the same love and grace you have received.

In His Love, Pastor Scott


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